Ixanos USB-based Knowledge Database
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Ixanos is our flag-ship product. A brief summary of features:

    - Search Engine, supporting all query-types

    - Index documents (pdf, doc, xls, ppt, html, mht, all ascii files, zip, jar)

    - Parse documents based on user-defined regular expressions (inclusion/exclusion)

    - User-defined Categorization of documents

    - User-defined Search Keys for selected documents

    - Ixanos is portable and does not modify your registry

    - Allows easy retrieval of documents based on
      - their category
      - and/or included words
      - and/or user defined words
      - and/or file-attributes (ie location, name etc.)
      - their location in the favorites' database
      - their visual existence in a user-defined schematic diagram

    - Portable SQL Client with rich row and column filtering functionality.

    - Drag and Drop support. Multi-database querying functionality.

    - Simultaneous displaying of SQL statements in separate windows.

    - Storable and Retrievable SQL results on/from disc

    - Searchable and expandable SQL Library supporting bind variables

    - Favorites categorized in Groups and user-entered comments.

    - Script automation for easy porting of script collections on different environments

    - Multiple Desktops storable and retrievable on/from a flash drive.

    - Scientific expressions' calculator and plotter

ixanos modules

Ixanos is shipped within 24 hours and comes with free upgrades for 2 years.