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v11.160[07.07.2014] Numerous changes and re-designs.
............Numerous changes and re-designs............
v10.157[10.10.2010] Show distinct/duplicate rows within SQL results (V).
v10.156[10.10.2010] Remove duplicate rows from SQL results (V).
v10.155[02.10.2010] Shift SQL sections to top/bottom.
v10.154[01.10.2010] Generate and activate Lanera Directories and libraries in any given directories.
v10.153[21.09.2010] Change directories in any given lanera libraries.
v10.152[20.09.2010] Change directories in any given manual index file.
v10.151[18.09.2010] Refresh SQL statements from within the result sets.
v10.150[17.09.2010] Refresh SQL statements from within the result sets and run against a selected DB.
v10.149[15.09.2010] Display comments in all user-entered DB Connection strings.
v10.148[11.09.2010] Replace directory-roots of all favorites.
v10.147[10.09.2010] Added extra information into lanera statistics.
v10.146[08.09.2010] Generate Lanera Directories and libraries in any given directories.
v10.145[07.09.2010] Generate Lanera Directories and libraries in any single directory.
v10.144[02.09.2010] Convert several parts into Actions. Compress source code.
v10.143[28.08.2010] Generation of Siebel workflow-related SQL templates.
v10.142[22.08.2010] Generation of Siebel visibility-related SQL templates.
v10.141[10.08.2010] Aesthetic improvements (part 4/4).
v10.140[10.08.2010] Aesthetic improvements (part 3/4).
v10.139[10.08.2010] Aesthetic improvements (part 2/4).
v10.138[10.08.2010] Aesthetic improvements (part 1/4).
v10.137[26.02.2010] New service to monitor a collection of directories for file changes (V).
v10.136[10.02.2010] New Synchronization screen (1), sample Results (2) and the available menu (3).
v10.135[25.01.2010] New improved Layout and aesthetics (1),(2),(3),(4),(5),(6),(7),(8),(9).
v10.134[21.01.2010] Ixanos released with latest Java 1.7 version
v10.133[16.01.2010] Bulk change of Drive-letter across favorites or only for selected favorites.
v10.132[16.12.2009] Commandline option to synchronize a collection of directory-pairs
v10.131[06.12.2009] Commandline Version of Ixanos to run as a scheduled task in the background.
v10.130[01.12.2009] Added functionality to bring shortcuts to front or send to back.
v10.129[26.11.2009] Snapshots of directories are conveniently displayed and managed.
v10.128[14.11.2009] Significant improvements in the Script automation-view.
v10.127[07.11.2009] Known Root-Comparison and Synchronization bugs have been eliminated.
  Ixanos[31.10.2009] Update of Ixanos light, the Freeware Version of Ixanos
v10.126[31.10.2009] Significant user-friendliness improvements across the whole application
v10.125[28.10.2009] Removed several Bugs in the Favorites-pane
v10.124[24.10.2009] Index-statistics stored on disc for backup and easier retrieval
v10.123[23.10.2009] Removed several Bugs in the Themes-pane
v10.122[20.10.2009] User-entered search queries are displayed in colored list for easier visual access
v10.121[12.08.2009] Mechanism to backup&restore manual indices for non-text documents (ie. scanned)
v10.120[01.08.2009] Registered Editors per file association can be replaced within Ixanos
v10.119[28.07.2009] Removed several Bugs in the SQL-pane
v10.118[25.07.2009] Menu-Creation Wizard does not require application restart. Menues are directly available
v10.117[01.07.2009] Removed several Bugs in the Snapshot-handling section
v10.116[17.06.2009] Added extended statistics on the created Ixanos indices
v10.115[12.06.2009] Startup wizard to assist indexing files and/or directories
v10.114[11.06.2009] Ability to synchronize multiple favorites' files with a single command
  Ixanos[07.06.2009] Creation of Ixanos light, the Freeware Version of Ixanos
v10.113[04.06.2009] Significant performance improvement of WildCardQueries (xxxx*yyyy)
v10.112[24.05.2009] Significant performance improvement of Prefix- and SuffixQueries (xxxx* and *xxxx)
v10.111[15.05.2009] Improved Floating Menus. Separation of Indexing and Searching
v10.110[08.04.2009] Scrollable Desktops
v10.109[22.03.2009] New wizards for easy creation of Database connections and dynamic SQL menus.
............Numerous changes and re-designs............
v01.001[08.12.1999] First version

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