Why use Ixanos?

  • Flash-Drive based Content Management for the mobile user
  • Search engine-based access to all your documents from a flash drive (including images and scanned docs)
  • Swift storage and retrieval of acquired know-how
  • Uniform user interface across work environments
  • Categorization of your work in digital project-dossiers
  • JDBC-based SQL client with search engine functionality for easy SQL retrieval
  • Favorites' management
  • Shortcuts' management
  • Script Automation
  • Grouping of Shortcuts in Themes for better visual access. Multiple themes handling.
  • Multiple Directories' synchronization
  • Directories' history archival and retrieval
  • Statistics across all indexed documents
  • No registry changes and no hidden files. Completely Transparent footprint


Search Engine and File Explorer-related
    Every document newly inserted into Ixanos becomes immediately available through the search engine.

    Ixanos is extremely user-friendly and does not require programming knowledge. Further on, it consists of several wizards to facilitate the more trickier tasks.

    Easily prepare project dossiers to group, extend and share all acquired know-how.

    Its a portable file explorer with superior search engine functionality. It can be installed on your flash drive and needs not be installed anywhere else. Just plug it on any flash drive once and start using it everywhere.

    It allows retrieval of search results in milliseconds. Search is also done within archives (zip or jar).

    You have full file-explorer access to all retrieved documents!

    Export all documents resulting from a search-query into a single destination. Produce an html page with links to all these files.

    The indexer that imports documents into the search engine, does not produce duplicates when a file is indexed more than once

    The indexing of your files does not require the whole night and is not interactive. You can let Ixanos run over a large collection of directories and wait for the process to finish without any interaction.

    You have complete control of the location of the automatically created index-files. The number of these files can be restricted to less than 10. The overall size of the index files is small. For 1GB of data the index files are usually less than just 30MB.

    You can port the index files on other computers and utilize them there. This gives you the ability to have access to your files on any computer without the need of a new installation. Just plug in your flash-drive with Ixanos and you are ready.

    You can search your complete database using search engine functionality like aa* or *aa or aa or (aa +aa* ) or "aaa bbb" etc. and copy the retrieved files into a directory of your flash drive so you can access them while away from your office.

    You can restrict or exclude from your search process all pdf or doc or any combination of any other document-type.

    With Ixanos you can also search for images and scanned documents.

    You get statistics on the parsed words so you can see which words occur too many times and exclude them from being indexed (manually edit the stop list).

    You can store favorite search-results in html files. These html files can be seen as additional views to your files. You can have as many as you like. You can also create shortcuts linking to them. Further on, you can add comments and access them via the search engine.

    You can automatically add the results of your search queries in user-defined favorites'-categories. Next time you can just select this favorites' category and double click on one of the favorites to navigate to the desired location or file or internet site etc.

    For scanned documents or encrypted documents you have the option to add search words as you please (manually). These search words can be used in the future to search for these documents. For example, you can add the name of your client to all scanned invoices or bills associated to him. By searching for this name you would then be presented with all the associated scanned documents.

    You can synchronize any number of directories with a single menu command.

    You can synchronize any number of files with a single menu command. For example, your internet favorites at home, at the office and on your laptop can be synchronized with a single mouse-click.

    You can take a snapshot of a directory tree and store it on disc. You can then take a snapshot of the same directory some time in the future and have Ixanos comparing the two snapshots to present you the differences. It will then show you files that have been modified or newly created or files that have been deleted.

    You can compare the contents of two files or two directories side by side. Ixanos will highlight the differences. Further on, you can filter the displayed rows as you wish.

    You can display a directory structure "flat". All files will be shown in a list and not as a tree. You can then export this list or filter it and, for example, show or hide all files with a certain extension or with a certain sub-string in their name.

    Nowadays, lots of information is stored in databases. This is the reason why Ixanos comes with a JDBC-based SQL client which you can use to connect to any relational database to which you have an appropriate JDBC driver.

    The included sql-client allows you to store and retrieve the results of your queries. It also allows you to store you whole sql-desktop. What does this mean? Many times you will find yourself having more than one simultaneously open sql windows. You can then store all of them with a single menu-command on disc. Next day, you simply reload this file and obtain all your sql-windows along with all their data and all associated connection information.

    You can also synchronize all your sql statements against any number of reference directories.

    You can also search all your sql statements and have the results presented to you in various ways. For example, you can ask Ixanos to search all your sql files for a given database table, say S_ORG_EXT, and have all found sql statements stored in a new file! This way you can consolidate all your sql statements and categorize them on per table basis. Of course you can also search for table-columns, etc.

    Ixanos displays your sql-files in sections. This means, that it allows you to partition large sql file in meaningful sections which you can name separately. You can then click on each of this sections and read only the statements of this particular section. This makes large sql files much more readable. You can also delete or rename or copy or move sections back and forward within any given sql file. Every section can contain one or more sql statements.

    You can run a sequence of sql statements with a single mouse click.

    You can compare one or more rows of any given result set and have Ixanos show you only the columns with differing values. Further on, you can compare the result sets of different sql statements or different database connections. This allows you to understand your data much better and helps you to detect differences.

    You can parameterize your sql statements and add them to the Ixanos menues along with meaningful comments regarding the missing variables. Next time you execute these statements Ixanos will ask you for the missing bind variables and will execute the statements. This helps you prepare a library of dynamic sql statements that can be used by your colleagues, as they dont need to actually understand the statement itself. They only need to fill in the bind variables based on the comments provided by the author of the sql statement.

    All your sql statements can be restricted to one or more database -types. Of course you can also have statements logged as database-independent.

    You can write sql statements to spool a collection of tables into a text file and index it with Ixanos so you can have search engine access to your database data!

    The results of your search queries as well as the results of your sql queries are presented in a common desktop so you can have all relevant information in a single screen.

Favorites & Desktop-related
    Ixanos maintains favorites and shortcuts. Favorites are grouped links to documents, while Shortcuts are small images on a dedicated screen, linking to documents. Every favorite belongs to one and only one group. Ixanos allows you to automatically produce shortcuts for all favorites of a group. The generated desktop containing the shortcuts can be auto-loaded. You can have as many such desktops as you need.

    Add to each and every favorite you have a meaningful comment and categorize it into a single favorites' group. Ixanos will guarantee that each favorite is represented only ones and no duplicates exist.

    View your favorites based on their actual targets or based on the comments given by you. For example, if you have long URLs pointing to different NYSE stocks, you may find it easier to identify which favorite you want to click on, if you view them based on the ticker symbols! Of course you also have search engine access to your favorites.

    Create your own desktops of shortcuts. These shortcuts consist of circles and squares. Each circle is used to categorize a visual group of shortcuts (squares) into meaningful groups.

    Store as many desktops as you like. Have them automatically re-loaded every time you start Ixanos

    Change all shortcuts of any given desktop to link to a different root. As you know a flash drive may some times be registered as drive "I:" and other times as "H:" or any other valid drive letter. This would mean that the shortcuts of the desktop may be rendered invalid if this drive-letter changes. Using Ixanos you can simply redefine the drive letter or even the complete top-level directories to comply to your present environment.

Script Automation-related
    Utilize the build-in Ixanos-script automation tool to add bind variables into any collection of ascii files. These bind variables can then be replaced with real values and the collection of files can be deployed on a tree structure of your choice. This way you can easily deploy complex scripts to new environments.

    Synchronize such script automation scripts across your work environments.

    Let Ixanos present you all the bind variables and the files that need to be deployed for any given application. The information is presented to to you in a tree-like structure so you get an overwiew and easily check all the required changes.

Calculator & Plotter-related
    Use the build-in Ixanos calculator and plotter to calculate and plot complex algebraic expression with up to one variable.

    Have all your expressions automatically stored on disc and ready for future re-use

    Run big-number arithmetic

....to be continued....

Ixanos is shipped within 24 hours and comes with free upgrades for 2 years.

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